Dr. Maulidi A. Banyani


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Gerson Marisa

Vice President

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Andrew P. Kato

Honorary Secretary

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Frank I. Kanizio

Deputy Honorary Secretary

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Mectilda Mihayo


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Richard Sabini

Valuation Chapter Representative

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Grace Gulinja

Land Administration Chapter Representative

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Adam Yusuph


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Dr. Moses Kusiluka

Ex- Officio

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Linus Kinyondo


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Institutional overview

AREPTA is an association representing the interests of real estate professionals in Tanzania. It is a non for profit association covering the whole range of professional fields within the real estate sector including; valuation, land administration, real estate finance and investment analysis, property and facilities management, and estate agency. AREPTA provides a platform for engaging real estate professionals and pioneers for the cause for the advancement of the profession and member interests.

Founded in June 1997 the association was formerly known and registered as TIVEA an abbreviation for Tanzania Institution of Valuers and Estate Agents. Following the growth of the real estate sector and introduction of new specializations in the country, AREPTA was re-branded in 2019 to a more inclusive name "Association of Real Estate Professionals of Tanzania" following members’ resolution in the 2015 annual general meeting to embrace the land administration, property and facilities management and the real estate finance and investment professions. Today AREPTA has become the leading professional organization for real estate professionals in Tanzania with members from all sectors, and it aims to ensure that the disciplines of real estate and its stakeholders deliver the best services for the growth of the nation.

AREPTA aims at advancing the cause of the real estate profession in Tanzania and beyond by advocating for its members' interests and promote the engagement of other professional associations and the government towards developing the real estate sector through collaboration and innovation.

Our Members
AREPTA members are registered and identified from the academic and practicing community from both the private and public sectors including individuals and practicing firms. The membership is voluntary and runs through annual subscriptions. AREPTA is a non for profit organization operating with the support of its members through voluntary contributions and volunteerism.

Members of AREPTA are categorized into:

  • Corporate– registered real estate firms operating in Tanzania and offering services to the public in the one or all disciplines of valuation, land administration, property and facilities management, estate agency and real estate finance and investment analysis.
  • Fellow – prominent real estate professionals with adept professional experience in the sector and have been active members in the institution and have supported its cause for over 10 years.
  • Associates – graduate practicing members offering their services to the general public. These members are admitted into the association after possessing significant experience and exhibit professionalism in their practice areas.
  • Affiliate members – persons without a graduate degree in real estate courses with professional experience accrued from practicing as technicians.
  • Honorary members – persons without real estate professional background but whose work promotes the advancement of the real estate education, research or professional cause in one or more of the disciplines of real estate. This membership is conferred by the Council to persons in acknowledgment of their efforts to the betterment of the profession.

Mission & Values


AREPTA’s mission is to inspire, advocate, and champion the interests of the real estate profession in Tanzania through creating a unified and objective real estate professional association.


People are at the heart of what we do. We engage our members to learn and uphold the interests of the profession for the growth of our nation. We aim to foster professional advancement that leads to practical solutions to land conflicts and property challenges.

Offering high-quality professional services is critical to the purpose of developing the real estate industry and improving access to property rights for our people. Our focus on professional excellence includes continuously promoting professional development, skills sharing and training for our people, as well as learning from the global institutions.

As professionals, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. AREPTA believes in responsible stewardship from it members by promoting that all members’ activities are done in compliance to professional standards, with professional integrity and transparency, continuously striving for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

We encourage our members to value our fraternity and to value each other’s professional contributions and ideas. We embrace diverse perspectives to develop an inclusive environment where every professional can achieve their full potential and the government can achieve its goals.


Participate in the professional agenda
AREPTA provides a platform for all real estate professionals in Tanzania to engage and ignite professional discussions that spark innovation and insights on the past, present and future situation of the real estate industry. Our online community platforms on Whatsapp provide real time solutions to challenges facing our members on the day to day practise. These ideas shape the practice and set the agenda for policy making in the country.

Access our Resource Center
Our website and online forums provide access to real estate data and information that keep our members updated and well informed about the industry. The insights and news section gives our members information on the latest data and research work; access to important to laws and regulations applicable to the profession and links to new opportunities. We also provide access to our reports and conference proceedings to our members.

At AREPTA we provide the opportunity to grow, to connect and engage with the industry leaders, experts and young professionals. Through our annual conferences, seminars, gatherings and trainings, members interact with their fellow professionals exchanging experiences, ideas and get connections for career and business advancement.

We live in a dynamic world where skills need to be updated. AREPTA provides a continuous learning platform where members learn on the ongoing latest innovations, developments and research data through the associations’ seminars, news, insights and CPE courses, and other educational opportunities. We intend to extend educational services to our members through offering professionally certified courses. We provided extended support to universities and students through participating in curriculum development, mentoring and student activity sponsorship. Get professional certification and validation Our members are identified to the public through our prestigious professional titles. By registering with us you get acknowledged professionally by professional peers and the public and build your professional resume. By introducing themselves as fellow, associate or corporate members our professionals have gained a wider public acknowledgment, secured more deals and advanced in their career paths.

For Students, AREPTA provides exclusive opportunities to sponsoring students activities, awarding top performers and young professionals, mentoring opportunities and we search and secure internships to excelling tudent members.

AREPTA is the largest and the most diversified real estate professional association in the country. Since, 1997 we have provided trainings to our members, represented their interests effectively and have pioneered good relationship and offered a platform for dialogue among members and to the government.

To become a member you will need to pay the membership application fees and annual subscription fees. These fees change regularly, so please order your invoice by emailing to get your invoice and payment options. After payment of the requested fees, please apply for registration by filling the registration form.

For network related issues please use a secure and working network connection. And it is advised that you use current and updated web browsers when filling in the registration form. For rapid support please contact our office at or through +255 655 666 100 or at +255 712124527

Certificates are processed and can be collected within seven days from the date of application or renewal of membership. The certificates can be collected in person at AREPTA offices during working hours. The certificates are valid for the period of one year effectively from the First day of January each year. For certificates requested with urgency, applying members are required to pay fast tracking fees to the institution. Expired certificates will be not be stored by the institution and will be destroyed after the date of expiry.